Shimon Schwarzschild has had several careers. Most recently, he worked as an editor, writer and consultant.

As a freelance writer, Shimon has written articles and reviews on environmental matters that have appeared in “Audubon Magazine”, “Sierra”, San Francisco Chronicle, and other publications.  He is presently writing his memoirs. He served for 10 years with the USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station in Albany CA as Technical Publications Editor in the biosciences. He was the appointed Forest Service representative at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in Fountainbleau, France. Previously he served as Technical Publication Editor on the U.C.-Berkeley School of Forestry’s Policy and Implementation Team on the report: “Conserving the California Spotted Owl – Impacts of Interim Policies and Implications for the Long Term”.

Earlier, he worked for Green TV, San Francisco as Associate Producer of the TV documentary “Eldorado” depicting the impact of population on the Sierra bioregion, and as Development Advisor for the award-winning video documentary “The Forest Through the Trees – The Battle for California Redwoods” shown on most PBS stations. Previously, he served as Executive Director of the Whale Center, an international whale and ocean protection organization. And before that, Shimon was Executive Director of American Youth Hostels (AYH), Golden Gate Council, San Francisco where he spearheaded the construction of a coastal hostel chain. He worked briefly for the AYH national organization drafting and completing plans for a Pacific Hostel Chain stretching from Canada to Mexico.

Shimon’s earlier career, spanning 20 years after graduating from the Newark College of Engineering (now NJ Institute of Technology), was that of an electronic engineer and engineering executive. He was co-founder, Vice President and Partner of RDX Corporation; Vice-President, Western Division of the Decker Corporation; Quality Control Manager at Blonder-Tongue Labs Inc., and Chief Engineer of Sound Apparatus Co. He left the engineering field for public service to pursue a career in nature protection and environmental conservation.

In his personal life, Shimon volunteered for decades to advance  environmental education and nature protection. He initiated and organized a 7-year international campaign to stop the hunting of songbirds in Assisi, Italy that led to: a permanent moratorium on hunting songbirds in Assisi, the establishment of an environmental education and ethics center, the approval of permanent boundaries for a nature reserve on Assisi’s Mount Subasio, and the founding of Assisi Nature Council.

Soon afterwards, Shimon organized Assisi Nature Council/USA, later renamed Action for Nature, Inc. (AFN) fostering respect and affection for nature through personal action among young people.  AFN co-authored and co-published a remarkable book, “Acting for Nature”, a collection of environmental success stories about young people from around the world who observed environmental problems and took personal action to fix them.  AFN then implemented an International Eco-hero Awards Program that honors young people who fix environmental problems in their communities through personal action. The Eco-hero awards Program is now in its fourth year.

For 14 years, Shimon served as a member of the Commission on Education & Communications of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), an international environmental conservation organization whose members represent worldwide ministries and governments and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Shimon was also co-founder, past President, and past Board Member and Treasurer of Native Yew Conservation Council (NYCC), formed to foster conservation, sustainable development, and utilization of yew and other plant resources. While on leave from the Forest Service, he joined Dr. Stanley Scher in organizing NYCC’s First International Native Yew Resources Conference in Berkeley CA. and served as co-editor of the conference proceedings. Ten years later, he joined other NYCC Board members in organizing the Second International Yew Resources Conference in Beijing, PRC.

Shimon served in the U.S. Navy, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Jr. Grade.
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